About Us

We offers experienced and comprehensive help for your projects.

Company Overview

  • U2 Bim Services Structural & Architectural Designing and drafting solutions to leading consultancies and contractors
  • Our philosophy is to deliver value to our clients by meticulously ensuring high quality in our services
  • Strict control is maintained over quality with quality check of deliverables.
  • U2 BIM focuses on delivering world class quality
  • Benchmarking process with world class design consultancy firms
  • Investing in the latest technologies, techniques and training methodologies
  • We offer high quality and cost effective Architecture and Engineering solutions to clients across the globe

Our History

  • Founded in 2016 to provide distinctive high quality structural design and drafting services to its client
  • U2BIM flourished as a provider of structural design and drafting services.
  • The company demonstrated a commitment to excel in Engineering & Architecture design
  • Today U2 BIM is far by far, India’s one of the leading Architectural,Structural and BIM providers.
  • Over the past couple of years U2 Bim Services has stopped up its strategy by integrating drafting and design process to 3D model conversion

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